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Annette Forlenza - Fine Artist

Annette Forlenza

Annette Forlenza

Merritt Island, FL - United States

Hi my name is Annette Forlenza and I was self taught by watching the little videos on (U TUBE)
I would like to be a part of the wonderful world of art. I hope all of you would accept me as one of the Great artists that I have had the pleasure to see on this site. I hope you like my paintings.
When I was young and growing up, I always loved to draw. This cleared my head of the many problems in my life. The art would take me away from the problems, and into another 'World'. My family was constantly putting me down by telling me I could not do things right or amount to anything in life. When this happened, my self esteem and confidence went right down the drain.
Being that I was adopted, I was feeling so alone at this time. The things I was put through ( which I'd rather not speak about) were truly things that I would not wish upon anyone.

It was then that I had gotten into painting.Putting the brush on the canvas made me forget and let me live again. Being able to put my feelings on canvas is my own little 'Escape'. Being an artist makes me forget all of lifes frustrations and hurt. It feels really good, which is why I fell in love with painting.
Today, Thanks to my husband giving me all the support and confidence that I need, I am now living a happy,enjoyable life and it feels really good.
Knowing that one of my paintings are hanging in clients homes truly makes me feel so positive and confident in my new 'LIFE'.




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